Welcome to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church! We’ve been carrying on God’s work in downtown Newport News since 1883, virtually since the city and the shipyard were built. As the first Episcopal church in the city, St. Paul’s has a rich history of carrying forward the gospel intertwined with the life of Newport News. The present building with it’s signature Tiffany Window – donated as an expression of faith by the women of the church in the midst of the Great Depression – was first built in 1899 and has been used continuously since then. As the “mother church” in the city, St. Paul’s parish has helped to establish other Episcopal congregations in Newport News.

St. Paul’s carries on an active and varied ministry. In it’s downtown location, the congregation reflects the broad diversity and energy of the city itself. While the core of our church is the worship of God and Jesus Christ through the traditional rites and liturgy of the Church, we also conduct outreach and ministry to our larger community; in this we are joined by other churches and civic groups that conduct their outreach through us. If you want to worship God and have the opportunity to serve your community, St. Paul’s is the place to roll up your sleeves and do it. Please come join us for a Sunday worship service and experience our beautiful church and community.