Christian Education and Formation

Our commitment to Christian Formation is shaped by worship, prayer, study, and service. Bible study is the center of our education to be followers of Jesus Christ. Currently, Community Bible Study is offered on Sundays and at the Monday morning Seeds of Hope Prayer Breakfast. Small-group Bible study is available every Sunday morning at 9:15 am. Preparation for baptism and confirmation, education for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers are also significant parts of parish-wide formation. As well, ongoing theological reflection on our life shared here is an essential piece of our education to be the hands, heart, minds of Christ wherever we live and work.

Food and Nutrition

St. Paul’s Pantry, Our Daily Bread, and Weekend Meals:

The Food Pantry distributes non-perishable groceries, as needed, each weekday. Our Daily Bread provides coffee, tea, fruit (as available by gift), bread and peanut butter as a simple breakfast each day during A Safe Place.

The Weekend Meals program offers meals for the downtown community on days when many other local outreach programs and social services support offices are closed. These meals include Good Friday’s Dinner , Saturday Noon Meal, Sunday Community Breakfast and Bag Lunch, and Monday morning Seeds of Hope Prayer Breakfast.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services aim at integrating worship and prayer into our outreach services. Pastoral Counseling, Bible study, the weekly Seeds of Hope Prayer Breakfast, and weekend prayer sessions are central to our efforts to empower the lives of the poor. Seeds of Hope is a breakfast prayer group that provides support and encourages reflection. St. Paul’s open door policy invites and supports relationships between program participants and longtime parish members, thus encouraging a new community that is shaped by diversity, that lives in hope, and that celebrates good life for all people.