About Us

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia. Founded in 1883, our church is in the heart of downtown Newport News, Virginia.

In our commitment to radical hospitality as proclaimed by Jesus, our special mission is to welcome all people who enter in peace and to offer compassionate care and voice to people who are hungry, ill, without good and safe shelter, unemployed, excluded, and in despair.

Functioning more like a cathedral than a local church, St. Paul’s ministry transcends parish and denominational lines. Our worship and life together attract many people from throughout Virginia’s Hampton Roads region. Our congregation celebrates a mix of racial, ethnic, economic and faith backgrounds that mirrors the diversity of Newport News.

Paul the Apostle

Saul of Tarsus, a faithful Jew as well as Roman citizen, was an outspoken critic and persecutor of Jews who followed Jesus Christ. At age 30 on an officially-authorized mission to arrest Jews who “belonged to the Way”, Saul, struck by a “bright light,” fell from his horse and temporarily lost his sight. After a period of intense personal and spiritual transformation, Saul later regained his vision through the healing hands of one of the Christ-followers in Damascus. With restored sight, he was baptized, becoming Paul, with a passionate devotion to this Way he had so violently opposed. Sometimes called the 13th apostle, he became the first evangelist introducing the teachings of Jesus to non-Jewish communities in Asia Minor, modern Turkey. Paul gave his life to preaching the Gospel of radical inclusion: for him there was to be one universal church in which all people are welcomed by God.

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